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Griyo tawang @(eco housing concept)



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Griyo Kulo is a commercial place in the area of Tawangmangu tourism. It’s located in the down hill of Lawu Mountain, Karanganyar, West Java. The overall concept of Griyo Kulo is to create the atmosphere of adventure in one landscape area. In the existing site, there are buildings which is functioned as restaurants and riverside-tour. In the next planning, Griyo Kulo will make new development with various additional functions, such as lodging and eco-tourism. This new development will take the role of local communities in order to participate itself, with the aim that Griyo Kulo can contribute positively in the surrounding of environment.

Genius Loci
The concept of Griyo Kulo is to use genius loci contained in Indonesia. The genius loci is applied in the form of buildings and also on the use of building materials. The form of building is characterized by tropical architecture building, using a form of tilt-roofed buildings and also forms the stage. Likewise, the widely used materials are used by traditional people in Indonesia, for example are various bamboos, river stone, and palm leaves. These materials are not only symbolized of the local vernacular architecture, but also found around the most area in the site. 

The bulding materials as a part of genius loci used on overall aspects of building and site. In building form, the material is applied to the structures, walls, and roofs. As well the overall of the super structure using bamboo. Specifically for sub structures using river stones for building foundation that are combined with bamboo for columns. There are so many river-stone because the site surrounded by the Samin river. The materials for walls and partitions using bamboo with various type of processing. Especially for the roof-cover using palm-leaves that are often found around the site. The palm leaves selected because it does not overload the roof structure. Griyo Kulo work with the local people about procurement of construction materials that can be renewed, that is using the local bamboo from local people, so they still conserving bamboo in their lives.

Sustainable Development.

  • Economy, In the development planning, Griyo Kulo can contribute economically to people around the site with give them new jobs. For instance, they make cooperation with citizen about vegetable production to supply the food needs of Griyo Kulo. And cooperate in the cultivation of bamboo plants as construction materials that can be renewed.
  • Environment, The Griyo Kulo's planning use materials of land surrounding and can be renewed. For example, the use of bamboo as the primary construction of the building and river stones as a structural reinforcement element. The materials are taken with a distance of 30 km radius of the Griyo Kulo's site.
  • SocietyThe site of Griyo Kulo, that located in tourist areas, have function as communities form around Tawangmangu and Surakarta, especially the communities of culture and arts. By creating a schedule of culture and arts in each month, it can increase the surrounding communities and tourism numbers.

Renew, Reuse, and Recycle Resources
  • Utilization of organic waste The organic waste which comes from farm houses, cottages, and also other buildings are utilized for several various purposes.The organic waste are gray water and black water. The wastes are processed by using a simple technology system which is friendly solid characterizing and apply easily.Grey water come from farm houses and cottages which is utilized in an efficient way to irrigate the plantations in the farm houses area. The plantations, at the same time, are used as a natural filter which filtering the gray water into clean water. Then, it is stored in the water tanks. Moreover, it used for watering plants, farms, and also toilet. For the black water waste, it will put in biodigester to be processed into biogas which is used for cooking gas.
  • Aquatic Sewage Treatment System It happens with applying the independent water treatment system which is only uses the clean water around the existing site. Then, it doesn’t require water from the government. The clean water is not only come from the river water and rain water but also come from water treatment and outcome of gray water treatment. The river water instead of good water because it’s difficult to get ground water there. So the sollution is using water from the river which is pumped into the farm houses, the cottages, and other places.Rainwater is also used as a source of clean water, with its interception, retaining the rain in the raindrops receptacle and then it will be used for toilet needs. Gray water sewage is used to irrigate and to provide more natural-liquid fertilizer for plantation crops, such as natural filters, making gray water into clean water which is stored for any other purposes.
  • Micro Hydro System In the electrical needs in the site, we will use it to make the power water treatment system, like micro-hydro system. This technology will utilize micro energy which is generated by the river flow into electrical energy. It is used for electrical needs there, such as lighting and other purposes with require low electrical energy. In the lighting system, we will use LED-lamps type which having energy more efficient than others.
  • Hydraulic Ram / Hydram Pump for distribute Water  It also called as a hydraulic ram, or impulse pump. This is a device which using the energy of falling water, to lift an amount of water to a higher elevation than the source. A ram should be considered more than the ram when there is a source that can provide at least seven times. The siting of the ram must be at least 0.5 meters below the water source. The main advantage of rams is requires non electrical or mechanical power to operate it.

  • Farm and Ranch Optimally, one of the processing of natural resources is demonstrated with using some cows which are bred in the eastern part of the site. These cow farming contribute positively to the site because they may produce several benefits. First, the milk which is produced by cows is to be consumed by the inhabitants of the site. We know that cow's milk is one of healthy drink which is good for human nutritional needs. Second, the cows can be used as a natural grass cutting tools on the site. Thus, we do not have to mow the lawn with mechanical devices because the cows are carrying out two tasks at once, namely cleaning up the environment footprint and eating grasses as staple food. Third, impurities can be processed into cattle manure with biogas systems.

  • Farming Area Supplies of fruits and vegetables for Griyo Kulo are produced independently in the site. They are organics which are managed by local villagers, providing good knowledge of organic crops for them and also visitors. Planting vegetables and fruits are naturally organic. It is done with organic fertilizer and water which is free from pesticides. Finally, it doesn’t contain any chemicals at all. The organic fruits and vegetables are tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, kangkungs, cabbages, dragon fruits, and other plant species. Visitors may also plant and harvest their own crops. In other word, this place is very interesting because it can be a place to learn directly and personally with nature. Finally, they can be used directly by visitors as their food in Griyo Kulo, too.


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